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Wards of Orinach

A Storium Game

The Kingdom of Caeleth is vast, made up of a dozen provinces and hundreds of fiefdoms flung few and far between. On the Northeast tip of the continent lies the Orinach Peninsula, a fiefdom ruled by Lord Tomas of House Kester and his wife Lady Briallen.

Between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one, this is your home. Here, you are receiving an education that will allegedly teach you how to be proper lords and ladies. Some of you are here willingly. Others not so much, but you’re in no position to do anything about it. For now.

Why sent to such a remote place? It is a volatile time in Caeleth. Queen Lucia Caesarra has died recently, and there is tension over who is her rightful heir. Lines are being drawn, loyalties are shifting, and there has been talk of war.

Orinach is a long way from the capitol. It’s a long way from anything, but the castle is defensible, the people proud and strong, and the Kesters have a reputation for honor and fair treatment, even of their enemies.

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