House Oakhall

Sigil: A black raven standing on an acorn on a field of sea green
Words: That which binds

The Oakhall family was given title and land when they were instrumental to the rise of Glanmor to a major shipping hub. As such the older houses tend to see them as only merchants with titles. Yet they are known to be trustworthy and are held in esteem of most of the other houses.

House Oakhall has never had use for separating tasks or lineage by gender. The family worked together to get where it is and see those ties as more fundamental. This attitude has impressed itself deeply on the rest of Glanmor.

As far as lineage is concerned the eldest is who leads the house, and then their children. The ability of the head of the house can be called into question by their peers in the family and the issue brought to debate. In the house to be a peer one must have run a significant investment for the house for a minimum of five years. House Oakhall holds ability and contribution in the highest esteem. The heir of the house is expected to become a peer before they may succeed. It is possible that the head of the house may die before the heir has achieved peer-ship. The family quietly hopes they will never have to debate that situation.

The House has also grown over the years. Most people who marry into the family take the Oakhall name, regardless of their gender. Except in the cases where the marriage is with another house. Then it seems to be a choice on what would be most advantageous to the Oakhalls. There is a time to set aside pride. In Glanmor it is exceedingly common to find the Oakhall name on the people in positions of power and influence.

House Oakhall

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